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The ultimate gaming frame....thoughts?

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Ladies and gents,
Have been spending some time this weekend surfing the various flight sim rigs available in the attempts to find one which wont require selling my organs. Have come up with the following and after some points of views if there is anything better and I will advise of my plans.

Firstly will start with the Obutto Revolution with all the extras, basicially what is contained in the vid below, the plan is it will entirely replace my current office setup with a HOTAS ofcourse. Not sure if I'll wing it with a Warthog or wait for the SC HOTAS high end version (if they ever release it). Also will likely fit a Buttkicker Gamer 2 to the seat for abit of vvviiibbbrrraaatttiiiooonnn goodness, rather I mean for greater realism! :d

Secondly have had visions of the following Pagnian motion simulator platform V2 which is unfortunately a few coin to be added to the Obutto alittle down the track when Im not so poor to give abit of realism and motion. The conversion should actually be reasonably straight forward with some likely framing modifications. Nothing major which is a big reason I have picked this motion platform.

The reason I am going the Obutto to start with rather than the full Pagnian GTUltimate system is I feel the Obutto is better quality, more ridged and will better suite my needs of an entire computer desk replacement rather than needing to have the option of both simulator and desk which would be very space consuming.

So, people, thoughts? Anything better out there I may have missed or am I just so skilled I'm all over this one? :p LOL
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I've always heard good thinks about Obutto from various people and outlets over the years. I think that would make a good choice. For motion with flight games, I'm sure it would be fun, but it won't help your piloting skills at all. Some people who buy and use motion rigs for racing sim games do it because they get another way to feel what they car is doing (slip angle and the like) and can maybe make adjustments based on feedback they wouldn't have otherwise. It's debatable whether or not it really helps for sim racing, but for flight sims it is purely for adding a little more immersion factor.

And if that's all people want from it, great! If I could, I'd fly around in one of those hydraulic suspended rigs that can rotate you 360°. I think you're making the right choice going with the Obutto to start with. Later down the line, if you feel like you want to add some motion for fun, there are other kits you can buy that will do that, and should probably be fairly easy to adopt to your Obutto rig. They aren't as nicely packaged as the Pagnian seat, but they'll probably be better in the motion department.
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Posted Sep 4, 16
Amitaya USC
Both would be nothing for me for various reasons, but I always like so say: If it's your hobby, just try it out and see for yourself. Other's opinions don't mean much compared to own experience.
For example I tried a 2D Surround setup thoroughly and came to the conclusion that it's ultimately a fail investment in a fail technology. But that's just my subjective opinion and could be the complete opposite for others.

Of course it also depends on what you want to do with it. Is it to max your gaming fun or to max your gaming performance? For the latter I highly doubt those setups will have any positive effect. But they may be super fun to play with.

So if you got the money, just try it out for yourself and be wiser.
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Ladies and gents, time has past with much though on my dream rig so thought I'd share my thoughts and journey with you all. Never know, my give some of you some ideas of your own......please note the fine print..... :d

Copyright of this material in any form including but not limited to information, text and stylish ideas (herein reffered to as "intellectual property"), is either owned by or administered by Mog_No_1 Pty Ltd. Copyright infringement shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law with your sons, grandsons, following generations punished by means including but not limited to wet willies, nipple cripples and wedgies.

Anyhow, this is where I'm at, have binned my original plan for abit more of a high end rig so I have a good solid base to start with. Was contemplating a very expensive rig from Vesaro but considering I'd need to sell my soul dipping my heels in that pond and also the fact they don't seem to want my money as they never replied to my enquiry, ended up passing on that idea and heading in a different direction. See, I can be finantually responsible when I need to! :p Ended up taking a compromise, settled on the Rseat RS1 with all the attachments and triple monitor frame. Decided to not get the RS1 keyboard attachment and went with their other versions keyboard the N1 which I will adapt to suit this particular rig as its a much better designed keyboard tray. Why not just get the N1 version altogether you might ask? Well that is because the RS1 is much sleeker, still well built but not too bulky like the N1 which is more like a tank. RS1 vid is attached below....

Currently have the RS1 on order and waiting for it to hit my door which may be the end of the week or early next week hopefully. After that my master plan will begin to unfold as its only the beginning and not the end. Have purchased the rig less the seat as I have also purchased a pair of Bride GIAS II Low Max Style Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seats with Alcantara cloth. Killer looking seats with the Kevlar Resin backing/seat tray and the Alcantara cloth is like silk on your skin. Why have 2 you might ask? Well firstly they were sold as a pair and secondly will mod the spare one into an office chair. Have also modded the chairs themselves which I will cover in my next post, need to take you guys on a journey after all! :d

Have also been busy and freeded up some cash by selling my Lord of the Rings Limited Edition pinball machine which I've has for many years now but have never really played much in recent times so out the door it went. My god that was a hectic sale as I had no sleep, been crook as a dog for the last few weeks and I had half of Australia phoning me wanting to buy it, sold in less than half a day! The bonus of that is I have some money for various peripherals to compliment my developing gaming rig. :d

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As alluded to, seat modifications to the Bride GIAS II Low Max Style Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seats with Alcantara cloth, where, what, why?


Firstly these seats are reclinable, not like the lower quality bucket seats that come with the RS1 rig. Basicially I plan on replacing my office desk with this setup so a chair I can kickback on and recline back and watch some movies in comfort was key. The main reason for the modification was due to the race style, I found the raised fixed sides of the seat base which hug you in position to not be the most comfortable of things long term and obviously restrict movement. So then the task was set to improve comfort and movement. The most logical solution was to be to remove the fixed sides and rebuild the seat base. Easier said that done but since I'm a tradie I have some "skills" :p

Step 1- remove the seat base from the frame
Step 2- remove the Alcantara cloth covering and minimal foam padding on the Kevlar resin base tray
Step 3- Cut the sides of the Kevlar resin base tray down to be level with the frame, removed appox 60mm either side in height
Step 4- carved out the replacement side seat sections from high density upholsture foam to desire contour, made a hell of a mess
Step 5- fitted foam side seat setions and base layer of foam over entire base, trimmed and altered as required
Step 6- reattached seat cloth and reinstalled in frame
Step 7- magic........done

Although it may not look THAT different, it actually is. Was it worth the time and money to alter it? My ass says YES! :p Is very comfortable to sit on so now I'll be able to sim in not only style but comfort.

Pictures below if I can get them to upload.








TO BE CONTINUED.........................................
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Doing well so far mate, that's some serious dedication going on right there.
Posted Oct 5, 16
Doing well so far mate, that's some serious dedication going on right there.

Thankyou sir, dedication and the fact I'm on 3 weeks holiday and lucky to be getting more than 2 hours of sleep a night at the moment due to the bad flue I have where I spend the nights coughing and spluttering. Is a beautiful site! :p Need to be doing something with my time. Will be busy next week gutting my mums bathroom, some 1st fix changes, retiling everything and then second fix to finish. I'm a good son what can I say! :d
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Well people, back with another update of my gaming rig in progress, still have a long way to go but further alone from where I was at previously. Have received my simulator from Rseat, with a problem. They sent the wrong one......WTF???? I order the RS1 and they sent me the N1 for some unknown reason. On the bonus side the N1 if a more expensive simulator frame and VERY solid and well built. I figured its not worth kicking a stink up about as Rseat are in Europe and its not like I'm going top send it back. Secondly I guess you need to look at it as an upgrade to first class, even though it was unwanted! Anyway, regardless of that I'm happy enough with the end result. Assembled the rig and cleared out my study which was a good excuse for a spring clean. Had a minor issue with the factory installing the frame fixing for the keyboard arm out of alignment which slightly angled the whole keyboard arm and tray too close to the seat. Was an easy fix to retap the thread in the correct position. Bride racing seat is attached and works well. My Acer 1440p 144Hz 27inch monitor is currently on the monitor stand with the long term plan is to go triple screens ultra wide 1440p 34inch. That exercise will be expensive as one monitor at atleast 100hz overclocked is pricy let alone 3, also my rig currently with SLI 980ti's couldn't run that many pixels at a good frame rate. Monitors will liklely happen late next year when my GPUs will get swapped out for the 1100 series. Have added a Logitec z906 5.1 surround sound system, forgotten what it was like to have a sub, have some high end audio file headphones but not the same. Finally have a Pearl THMP1 on order which is like a large version of the Buttkicker Gamer 2 which I should see next week. Then all I need to do is work out how to connect it so it works correctly with my setup, will post that bit up separately as I may need some ideas.

Short term plans from here is to get some Fanatec racing gear so I can make the most out of my simulator rig. So far so good, any thoughts people?

Slight initial issues with my Alienware Area 51 R2 on rejigging my setup, it decided to totally crap out on me and wouldn't boot windows. Besides a lot of expletives being used, had to scrub my system and reinstall. Is now up and running but going through the long process of installing everything back on. Must say though, although I got a good deal from Dell with this system, not sure If I'd buy an Alienware again. Their systems are definitely one where you throw the golden rule of keeping all your drivers up to date out the window. The only drivers you can use are the Dell tested, not the lastest from the component manufacturers like Intel. Have been caught out on this previously putting the latest Intel drivers on and it sunk my Rapid Storage device divers with the only resolution for a fresh system shouldn't need to do that.



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